I'm still the buff matriarch of ShadowClan, am I not?

—Coalstar to Nightmoth.

Coalstar is a smoky-black molly with thick, jagged fur, golden patches, and smoldering orange eyes. She has a muscular build with two broad scars across her neck and a few smaller ones on her left wrist. She is currently the leader of ShadowClan, and her life count is unknown.



Coalstar is stocky in build, but by no means ungraceful. Her jagged fur is primarily a charcoal grey, almost black, but is disturbed by golden patches. A smoky grey gathers around her neck, belly, tail, and even a bit on her hind legs. Her eyes are a sharp orange, and are easily distinguished in the dark. She has two pale scars streaking down the base of her neck, and a few smaller ones around her wrist.

Heritage: Norwegian Forest x Maine Coon (based on fur and build)


  • Black color
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Smoke
  • No white spotting
  • Longhair
  • Athletic build
  • Large size
  • Amber eyes
  • No known mutations/carried risks

Voice: Motherly but stern

Scent: Crisp snow and honey


  •  +  Ardent - Passion is a driving force behind everything that Coalstar does in her life. She executes her duties with enthusiasm and zeal, and won't rest until they are finished and perfected.
  •  +  Maternal - Coalstar cares deeply for her clan as if they were her own kits. She takes time to bond with each of them, and tries her best to nurture them as well as she can through their life.
  •  ±  Temperamental - Coalstar's mood can change at the drop of a stone. She can just as easily put on a mellow expression as she can fly into an unstoppable rage, all in a matter of seconds.
  •  ±  Headstrong - When her mind is made up, Coalstar cannot be swayed even if she were beat up by a group of foxes. She stands her ground, and is open to butt heads with anyone who opposes her.
  •    Distrustful - Due to the previous leaderships before her and how most of them ended, Coalstar is very careful of who she believes. She is very difficult to convince, although this is partially from her headstrong personality. After all, she doesn't want to end up like her predecessors.
  •    Strict - Although she loves her clan, Coalstar demands complete obedience when it comes to serious matters. She promises harsh punishments if a cat steps out of line or questions her authority.

Likes & Dislikes


  • The nursery
    • Coalstar enjoys the serene calm of the nursery and the nostalgia of her youth. She spends much of her free time there, and enjoys taking care of the kits and scratching new stories onto the walls.
  • Water
    • Strangely enough, Coalstar enjoys spending some of her time swimming and splashing, much unlike a normal ShadowClanner would.
  • Moonless nights
    • Despite her reverence for the moon, it puts her at ease when it is covered, although it can make her more reckless.


  • Extreme heat
    • Too much sunlight makes her uncomfortable in her own fur, and she can often be seen lounging in one of the streams on ShadowClan territory during the hot summers.


  • Have a non-romantic litter (Completed)
  • Win the twoleg tree back (Completed)
  • Raise her children well (79%)
  • Gain a permanent alliance with RiverClan (95%)


  • Failing her clan
  • Her family dying



Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Fogberry, Smokekit, Marshthorn, Hickorystar, Sedgewhisker
Age Range: 0-5 moons

  • Coalkit is born to Fogberry and Marshthorn, along with her sister, Smokekit.
  • Coalkit and Smokekit are thick as thieves, scurrying around and playing pranks on anyone who dares to enter the nursery.
  • Fogberry tells them stories of heroes and monsters, quickly inspiring Coalkit to try and become leader.
  • At four moons, Coalkit and Smokekit climb down the nursery wall and begin to bond with their clanmates.
  • Coalkit bonds quite well with her father, and can be found following him around camp constantly.
  • She meets Sedgewhisker, a new elder, who enjoys to torment her with frightening tales of monsters lurking in the night. During the day, Coalkit is greatly entertained, but not so much when night falls. Fogberry has to comfort her constantly.


Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Badgerfoot, Briarpaw, Stoatpaw, Marshthorn, Gorsepaw
Age Range: 6-12 moons

  • Coalpaw is apprenticed to Badgerfoot, and they argue with each other constantly.
  • She meets Briarpaw, a tortie molly, and Stoatpaw, a ruddy tom, who are just a few moons older than her. They hit it off quickly and become friends.
  • Coalpaw is trained endlessly by Badgerfoot, so much so that her paws are often rubbed raw by the end of the day. This causes more friction between the pair.
  • After a skirmish at the Twoleg Tree, Coalpaw recognizes Badgerfoot's skill and battle prowess, and finally begins to warm up to him. The pair bond over their shared ambition for greater things.
  • During the middle of her apprenticeship, Marshthorn is killed in another border skirmish with SkyClan. Coalpaw spirals into guilt and sadness, and almost completely ignores her warrior training.
  • Fogberry, Briarpaw and Smokepaw slowly but surely help to build her up to her original self and push her back into warrior training.
  • Afterwards, Coalpaw develops romantic feelings for Briarpaw, but pushes them away in fear that she is subconsciously trying to replace her father.
  • Coalpaw takes her trials a few moons later. She passes her hunting and fighting assessments before having to take her special assessment.
  • Coalpaw shadows Hickorystar during a diplomatic meeting with WindClan on the disputed Great Tree. Hickorystar and Wheatstar are unable to come to a decision, so they have Coalpaw fight Gorsepaw, a WindClan apprentice, to choose who has rights to the Great Tree that season. Coalpaw wins the fight.


Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Briarpatch, Smokestep, Stoatwhisker, Alderpaw
Age Range: 12-23 moons

  • Coalpaw becomes Coalblaze, and sits vigil outside of camp with no trouble.
  • A few days later, a festival is held on the night of no moon for Smokestep and her. Coalblaze spars her former mentor and barely wins, but still proves herself to her clanmates.
  • On a dare during her night of freedom, Coalblaze climbs the disputed Great Tree on the WindClan border. She falls off and gains a few gashes around her right front paw.
  • Coalblaze quickly adjusts to life as a warrior, attending every patrol that she can and fighting every skirmish to the best of her abilities. She climbs the ranks, swiftly earning herself a spot in the middle of the warriors' den.
  • Slowly but surely, Coalblaze becomes closer with Briarpatch. She eventually gets over the guilt of her father's death and becomes mates with her childhood sweetheart.
  • They have their mate ceremony a moon later, and Coalblaze loses almost every ceremonial spar due to being a hopeless loser.
  • Alderpaw becomes Coalblaze's apprentice. Coalblaze takes an immediate liking to her and tries her best to help the apprentice along her path.

Senior Warriorhood

Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Bramblecloud
Age Range: 24-29 moons

  • Coalblaze is promoted to senior warrior after defending Bramblecloud by pushing a SkyClan warrior off of the Twoleg Tree during a battle. She is considered a war hero.
  • Alderpaw graduates to Aldertalon, and Coalblaze is left without an apprentice.
  • Coalblaze hesitantly agrees to Briarpatch joining the breeding pool so that they may have kits of their own. After a few attempts, she is successful and begins to set up her own nest in the nursery. Coalblaze is ecstatic.
  • Daisynose is found dead on the WindClan border. Coalblaze is furious and calls for action, along with the other senior warriors and warriors below her.
  • Hickorystar finally yields and ambushes WindClan. During the battle, Coalblaze is ganged up on and thrown into a bramble bush. She escapes, but not without multiple patches of fur tugged off and a new pair of scars around the back of her neck.


Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Hickorystar, Briarpatch, Smokestep, Stoatwhisker, Thistlekit
Age Range: 30-34 moons

  • Coalblaze is promoted to deputy after Bramblecloud dies in the WindClan raid. Some older warriors protest her appointment, but Hickorystar reassures his clan that she is capable.
  • Hickorystar begins to become more reclusive and exhausted, leaving Coalblaze to run the clan in his stead. She tries her best, but younger warriors begin to question her authority as deputy.
  • Briarpatch is killed in an accident at the Twoleg Tree, including their unborn kits. Coalblaze is devastated and snaps, becoming more strict in her role as deputy. Warriors that disobey her are disciplined immediately and harshly. Hickorystar grows worried, but in his declining condition, he cannot do anything but plead with her.
  • Smokestep announces that she is expecting Stoatwhisker's kits. Instead of being happy for her sister, Coalblaze is furious and turns away from the pair, focusing on only her task of deputy.
  • Coalblaze's mindset grows worse after her sister's kit is born, Thistlekit. She refuses to even step foot in the nursery, and avoids the kit when he is interacting with other ShadowClanners. Smokestep dies from greencough shortly afterwards, leaving the kit to be raised by his father and the nursery queens.
  • Hickorystar disappears, leaving the clan floundering without a leader. Coalblaze sends out search parties, but not a trace of him is found.


Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Too many
Age Range: 35-Present moons

  • Coalblaze is reluctantly accepted as leader. She appoints Aldertalon as her deputy.
  • She goes to the mooncave to receive her nine lives.
    • Daisynose - a life for justice
    • Cinderhawk - a life for strength
    • Stonestar - a life for loyalty
    • Lichenshine - a life for tolerance
    • Marshthorn - a life for wisdom
    • Ravenwing - a life for passion
    • Smokestep - a life for forgiveness
    • Copperpaw - a life for mercy
    • Briarpatch - a life for acceptance
  • Coalstar's first few moons of reign are shaky and unorganized, but she slowly improves as the days go by. She begins to mellow out and redeem herself in the eyes of her clanmates, building herself up to become a cat that her clan can be proud of.
  • After agreeing to an alliance with RiverClan, ShadowClan attacks ThunderClan, but they are interrupted by the reappearance of StarClan. They cease their fighting and return home.
  • Coalstar becomes pregnant with Stormstar's kits through a political pact, and struggles to balance her responsibilities as a leader and as a mother. 
  • Coalstar has her litter, and contemplates just keeping them all, but she finally decides on the two that will be brought to ThunderClan at the half moon. 




    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

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Coalstar simply shrugs. She hasn't interacted with ThunderClan much.

"I don't know what to think of him. He gave me my kit back, at least."

"They aren't my favorite cats, but I suppose that I have to put up with them."
Coalstar narrows her eyes slightly.

Stagstar/ /Leader/Acquaintance/37%
"Poor kid, he seems so stressed and vunerable."
Coalstar shakes her head and looks slightly worried.

"Born and raised. Couldn't be more proud."

Sedgewhisker [NPC]/⦁⦁ ⦁⦁ /Elder/Childhood Tormentor/87%
"Bah, when will that old bat die already?"
Coalstar ruffles her pelt, but a faint endearing grin can be seen on her face.
Flickerheart/⦁⦁ ⦁⦁/Deputy/Son/99%
"He's already got his own family, and earned his place in ShadowClan. I couldn't be prouder of the way that he's grown."
Coalstar's eyes shimmer faintly with proud tears.
Nightmoth/⦁⦁ ⦁⦁/Medicine Cat/Son/99%
"Already with a mate and kits, but he'll always be a momma's boy, and I couldn't be happier about that."
Coalstar seems proud of her son, and giddy about being an actual grandmother.
"She has a bit of a mean streak, sure, but I love her all the same. Hopefully she'll learn soon though, because I won't always be here to get her out of trouble.."
"I can't believe that she's back with me! I do feel bad leaving her with her father though.. I'll make it up to her, I swear!"
"It's still a wonder how he survived the snow on that peak. I'm glad I found him though. I feel like he lightened up my heart a bit after I sent my kits off to ThunderClan. He certainly lights up camp too."
Duneclaw/⦁⦁ ⦁⦁⦁/Warrior/95%
"She's real. Dear StarClan, I can't believe that she's real.."
Coalstar is shaking and her cheeks are flushed.
thistlejaw, adderstrike, badgerstripe, spliceheart, bearpaw, mallowkit, crowtail

"If anything, they're good cats. I haven't had the pleasure of knowing one personally, though."
Coalstar looks slightly uncomfortable when talking about them, and shuffles her paws.

Nectarstar/ /Leader/Acquaintance/75%
"She's proven herself to be a good leader. I wish both her and her.. kits the best."
Coalstar seems slightly bitter and looks away in shame.

Coalstar isn't so sure about her opinions on SkyClan now, with the leader shift. At least they didn't try to take back the Twoleg Tree.

She says nothing, but by the way she recoils when they are mentioned, she obviously isn't the fondest.


  • Coalstar spends much of her free time in the nursery or with the elders.
  • She enjoys exploring the ravine in ShadowClan, and can often be seen decorating her den with her finds.
  • She really wants to know how the fuck that glowing moss works.


With this life, I give you acceptance. You must learn that there are some things that you will never be able to change, my love.

Briarpatch to Coalblaze during her leadership ceremony

"Don't be," Coalstar replied quietly. "They would've starved your clan eventually, and we would've been next." She stood strongly, despite her injuries. "The pain will fade, and you will live another day," she said finally, nodding to the she-cat before melding back into the crowd towards her clan.

—Coalstar to Nectarstar after the TC & WC vs RC & SHC battle.

"I don't know either, my dear. Cats come and go sometimes."

—Coalstar to Bearpaw about Webstrike's disappearance.