Of course. I have made good friends in all the Clans. I've seen kits born and watched elders leave on their final journey to Silverpelt. I've made the long journey to the Clans' new home. Believe me, I wouldn't change a single day. I know it is not in your power to give me longer with my Clan, but I can't help wanting more."

— Cinderpelt to the StarClan cats (Twilight in page 3)

Dovesong is a light beige and white with green eyes, stark white stripes along her back, and a missing left forearm. She is currently ranked as a medicine cat and resides in ThunderClan.



Dovesong is an average sized, lithe she-cat with a light beige overcoat, dappled with white stripes aligning her back, as well as a darker beige on both her back and the tips of her ears. Her fur is just the perfect length to adapt to any weather conditions, like the seasons of Newleaf and Leafbare. Due to a birth defect, she was born without her left forearm.

Heritage: Somali x British Shorthair


  • Beige color
  • Unique patterns
  • Short length hair
  • Lithe build
  • Average size
  • Hazel eyes


Strength: 3/10
Stamina: 6/10
Constitution: 9/10
Speed: 7/10
Agility: 5/10
Wit: 8/10
Overall Rating: 38/60


    = Base (#BFA8A1)
    = Back & Tips of Ears(#9E7869)
    = Stripes (#DDDDDD)
    = Underbelly (#ECD9C2)
    = Eyes (#B9DA81 to #395F20)
    = Nose & Ears (#EFC8BB)
    = Paw Pads (#9F7474)

Voice: Soft and calming

Scent: Ferns and Strawberries

Gait: Dovesong usually begins using her single forearm, then use her backlegs to help support her bodyweight.


  •  +  Hospitable - Dovesong can generally act just as considerate and kind to her companions to any intruders or rogues, as she believes that kindness in the heart can keep a feline in good health.
  •  +  Generous - Even if her clan ends up in a horrible famine, Dovesong would be more than willing to share what ever prey the Warriors can find to the hungriest, especially Elders and Kits. This kind of compassion can be likely contagious if a Clanmate were down in the dumps.
  •  ±  Busy - Due to how much responsibility and dedication her rank requires, she tends to preoccupy herself in organizing the Medicine den, or consult in resupplying stocks. Her primary focus is the patient first, the rest of the news being second.
  •  ±  Merciful - Although she is kind, her pacifism usually distracts her from logic and her sympathy's rise high, almost forgiving every feline who had done horrible acts.
  •    Harsh - When she needs to treat a plethora of cats, whether it would be Greencough or having an aftermath of a big battle, her soft nature deteriorates to a more firm figure, creates no sugarcoats for any feline, and to let them know how severe the risks are of death.
  •    Tactful - Due to her brother's constant rambles of insults of her disability, Dovesong had grown tactful of any wrongful statement, causing her emotional stability to wither over her moons.

Likes & Dislikes


  • The Nursery
  • Not only do the comforting scents of milk bring her nostalgia to her kithood, Dovesong absolutely loves to interact with the kits and their mothers. She is also more than willing to teach the certain kits with disabilities to help adapt to the world.
  • Mentoring
  • "I don't know... I guess it was because I've always wanted kits of my own with Cedarbark, but since the responsibility of a Medicine Cat's role is so crucial, I can't do that. That doesn't stop me for treating my apprentices like my kin, however."


  • Rough-housing
  • "I love all of my Clanmates, but sometimes they can be a little rowdy. If it were inside the Medicine den, though, that would be a different story."
  • Distractions
  • "Unfortunately, some apprentices can be loud, a-and they'd like to taste everything in my den. I-I'd usually yell at them if they tinker with the herbs, b-but I apologize really quickly."
  • Underestimation
  • "Just because I only have one foreleg doesn't mean I can't be useful! That's why I'm a Medicine Cat!"


  • Abandonment
  • "...I don't want them all to leave." She quietly sobs.
  • Nightrunner
  • "Ever since the gathering, I... I'm scared what he's going to do with me-- with my apprentices, and S-Stormstar- Oh StarClan-" Her body shakes, dilating her gaze throughout her den.



Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Snowpelt, Poppybloom, Harekit, Cedarkit, Panthertooth, and Jadeheart
Age Range: 0-5 moons
Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • Dovekit and Harekit were born to mates Snowpelt and Poppybloom.
  • Since Dovekit was born without one of her forelegs, the mother felt deeply concerned in how she would grow and adapt with her disability, while Snowpelt flat out feels guilty for Dovekit. Snowpelt swears to protect her the best he could from the potential dangers from the forest, where he really fussed over her about the littlest things.
  • After a few days later, Cedarkit (M) was born to mates Panthertooth (M) and Jadeheart (F).
  • Being overjoyed that they've got a new cat their age to play with, Dovekit and Harekit begin interacting with Cedarkit, who was reluctant and even scared of that at first, but eventually grew a liking to them.
  • One day, Harekit asks of what rank Cedarkit wanted to be when he becomes an apprentice, the answer being a Medicine Cat. Perplexed, Harekit asks for the explanation; Cedarkit only wants to support Dovekit in the future, not only to give her guidance with her disability, but to further gain a closer chemistry to each other. Harekit, as naive as he was, understood and supported his choice.
  • Although struggling at first, Dovekit develops a way to move around freely with three legs after allowing constant assistance from her family and friend.

Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Snowpelt, Poppybloom, Harepaw, Cedarpaw, Russettail, Panthertooth, Jadeheart & Unnamed Rogue  
Age Range: 6-16
Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • Russettail accepts Dovepaw and Cedarpaw as his Medicine Cat apprentices, where they were more than excited to be promoted. 
  • As a congratulations to Harepaw being an apprentice, Dovekit gives him an orange poppy flower she found lying around the camp. Seeing as this was impotant to her, Harepaw tucked it behind his ear, promising to keep for the rest of his life.
  • Three moons later, Cedarpaw briefly mentions of how both of their fathers have been going out of camp for longer than usual. Sure, both of them were accordingly assigned in dawn and evening patrols, but they acted suspiciously secretive.
  • Russettail, unbeknownst to him, sees Panthertooth and Snowpelt badly injured from StarClan knows what, causing him to worry. He gathers Dovepaw and Cedarpaw to help and assist in healing them, but they only managed to witness in shock and trepidation as the two saw their pained expressions. Meanwhile, Jadeheart, Harepaw, and Poppybloom simply watch in potential horror while the scene occurs.
  • Shaken from her father's injuries, Dovepaw and Harepaw nervously reaffirms that Snowpelt will come back from his assigned patrols when he is needed to. Cedarpaw does the same for his father, Panthertooth.
  • Dovepaw finally asks Snowpelt on why he was injured on that day. The tom only gave her a sheepish laugh, telling her to nevermind about the situation, only to sigh when he saw the serious expression on her face. It turned out Panthertooth and him were involved in a blackmail with a matted, scarred rogue previously from RiverClan (who had already murdered Jadeheart as leverage), the compromise being if they didn't hear what his wicked plans had to offer, they would certainly be killed. Absolutely mortified, Dovekit desperately begs Snowpelt to never leave her side, where he simply answered with a nod.
  • Throughout the moons they trained, Dovepaw and Cedarpaw grew a more than close relationship, even to the extent on having romantic affiliations with each other, but due to the Warrior Code frowning upon this, they accepted the rule, but this didn't stop their friendship.
  • Near the end of their training, Dovepaw and Cedarpaw were given a task to name and find the locations of the herbs available for Greenleaf-- it was then both of their fathers were in an afternoon patrol. When she came back from the abandoned Twolegplace with Russettail, she noticed a burly silhouette approached a duo, only for said silhouettes to erratically move across the forest, almost like they were fighting. Both Russettail and Dovepaw hide underneath the Twolegplace's deck, horrifically watch the scene play out.
  • After what felt like forever, the duo rush back to find Snowpelt and Panthertooth, only to witness their bleeding bodies. The two apprentices frantically search for herbs to salvage and for a pulse, but it was a second too late that they would die and join StarClan. Dovepaw and Cedarpaw sat vigil for them for the entire night that day.

Medicine Cat Life
Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Harebounce, Russettail, Cedarbark, Poppybloom, & Unnamed Rogue
Age Range: 17-29
Date Range: Before Chapter 1- End of Chapter 1

  • Being trusted by the spirits of StarClan, Dovesong and Cedarbark are promoted to Medicine Cats, and protectors of the Map of Silverpelt.
  • As Russettail grows older, he wishes to step down from his position and retrieve it to Dovesong and Cedarbark, and live as a kittypet for the rest of his days. When he gave his final farewell to Dovesong and Cedarbark, Russettail gave them small Forget-Me-Nots at the corners of their ears, gave them a warm smile, and left ThunderClan.
  • After a moon the former Medicine Cat rescind, Cedarbark, feeling admittedly hollow without the presence of Russettail and his guidance, urges Dovesong that he needed to follow in his mentor's paw prints. She unwillingly accepts his offer as she watches him exit the entrance, rewarding him with a sweet smile before the second he vanished.
  • An epidemic of Whitecough and Greencough were speading like a wildfire in ThunderClan in one Leafbare. The ones that were affected by it the most were the elders and kits, who either struggled for survival, or died instantly from the disease's severity.
  • In the instance of when they thought the disease was simmering down, Poppybloom had unfortunately came in the Medicine Den one day, coughing and hacking uncontrollably. In a panic, Dovesong properly gathered of what little Catmint they managed to scavenge, as well as treatments for coughing. As she was beginning to prod the Catmint to her mother, Poppybloom merely gave a final wheeze, dying.
  • Feeling an incredible weight of guilt and blame on her shoulders, Harebounce encourages Dovesong to keep trekking through life despite the hardships he and herself had gone through in their life. Feeling a warmth in her heart, she thanks him for everything he's done, weaving him a flower crown of orange poppies, the flower she gave him when he was firstly appointed as apprentice.
  • Unfortunately, rumor heard that the RiverClan rogue returned for more bloodlust, as Harebounce discovered him roaming about near the log crossings. Seeking this as vengeance for his Snowpelt's murder, he duels him before the both of them were severely injured. They both died shortly after.
  • After hearing the news of his brother's death, Dovesong, oddly, smiled, knowing that Harebounce was lead to a great life, as well as his parents, Panthertooth and Jadeheart, Russettail, and Cedarbark.
  • Dovesong accepts both Sunpaw and Wiltedpaw as her apprentices, rewarding them both with a budding sunflower and lavender respectively.

Medicine Cat Life: Trepidation
Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: All of ThunderClan
Age Range: 30-CURRENT
Date Range: Chapter 2 - Current

  • When Dovesong, Sunpaw, and Wiltedpaw arrive at the Mooncave for an initial meeting with the other Medicine Cats in other clans, she expected to play out like normal. Unfortunately, when all of the attending felines tried to communicate with StarClan, the crystals were ominously dim, as well as the stars began to fade from the night sky.
  • Nightrunner, at a gathering, spilled the information that StarClan has been absent because of his usual habit to eavesdrop. This has developed her fear of the senior warrior as a whole, assuming he was going to kill her for keeping the news from her Clan.
  • Dovesong and Wiltedpaw didn't exactly approve of Stormstar and Stagstar creating an alliance just for stealing the fish in RiverClan's territory, but only respected his decision otherwise.
  • RiverClan and ShadowClan invade ThunderClan's camp for vengence when the visiting WindClan intented for a feast. This very battle resulted into SkyClan intervining, informing StarClan's return, giving the Clans a prophecy, in which they were given a test, which they've failed.
  • At a certain Half Moon gathering, Spottedleaf warns the medicine cats of an impeding danger amongst the queens, informing them about an unknown herb, Goldenseal. Dovesong leads to the conclusion that it may be a disease harming the kits and queens, likely stillborn or miscarried. She and Brackenberry request patrols for the herb.
  • Dovesong and Brackenberry's condition only grew worse by the days. Uneasiness and nausea came in waves, resulting into chronic vomiting, as well as frequent nightmares, hallucinations of dark cats, and weakness of the mind and body. However, when the Blood Moon occurred, she swore that a Dark Forest cat was on the verge of becoming corrupted, proving her paranoia towards the current situation prominent.
  • Brackenberry and Dovesong go out on the territory, mostly to wash themselves from their bile stained pelts; they eventually seal their vows, becoming mates.
  • Wiltedpaw becomes a full medicine cat thanks to Dovesong, receiving his full name, Wiltedfoot.
  • Finding Wiltedfoot's body slumped against the clearing, Dovesong didn't dare leave by his side until a proper burial was placed for him. 
  • After many moons of training, Sunpaw is promoted to a full medicine cat as well, his name now being Sunfreckle.
  • Dovesong searches for her mate, Brackenberry, when she has been gone for a little too long. She finds her in the mooncave, dead. She and Peachfuzz mourn for her.




    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates


Thoughts (with cited experiences, as applicable).

Snowpelt (DECEASED)/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/ Senior Warrior/Father/90%
"My dear father... I love you so much, just as much as Momma. It-It worried me how you acted strange, but you took care of that nasty rogue very well. May StarClan bless you."
Poppybloom (DECEASED)/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Warrior/Mother/100%
She gives a soft smile, only to quietly sob to herself.
Harebounce (DECEASED)/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Warrior/Brother/95%
"You were a weird cat, Harebounce, but you still loved me and protected me as best as you could in the end. Thank you..."
Panthertooth (DECEASED)/⦁⦁/Warrior/Family Friend/70%
"Mister Panthertooth was always so comical and prideful... I wonder how he'll see me now."
Jadeheart (DECEASED)//⦁⦁/Warrior/Family Friend/85%
"Jadeheart's a kind she-cat. She always helped me try and keep my balance on three legs, and she shared her prey with me. No wonder Cedarbark loved her so dearly."
"I really do respect him for what he is, e-even though he is a little short-tempered... Doesn't stop me to be friends with him, though!"
Sunfreckle/⦁⦁/Medicine Cat Apprentice/Friend/65%
"...Did I fail you as a mentor?"
Dovesong twitches her whiskers in guilt, averting her gaze from you.
Wiltedfoot (DECEASED)/⦁⦁/Medicine Cat Apprentice/Friend/90%
"I wonder... Is StarClan treating you well? I-I miss you more than I missed Cedarbark, you know..."
Dovesong sniffles silently, feeling a tear well up in her eye.
Nightrunner⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Senior Warrior/Fearful of/0%
"He's... He's going to kill me-"
Dovesong quivers out of fear.
Brackenberry (DECEASED)/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Medicine Cat/Mate/100%
"I... I still love you. I always have!"
Dovesong begins to cry.

Finchcreek//Medicine Cat/Acquaintance/35%
"I've only seen her in gatherings, but I think she's a great cat."

Coalstar//Leader/Known Of/50%
"It's good to hear that she's willing to try and bring ThunderClan and ShadowClan into good terms; I just hope it works!"
Nightmoth//Medicine Cat/Acquaintance/60%
"I felt bad when I screeched at him... but I'm glad that he and I both had the same idea in apologizing."
She softly grins.

Stormeye//Medicine Cat/Acquaintance/65%
"RiverClan or not, she's a really sweet cat, and I can tell she works hard, although I've heard she's a little spacey..."

Ryewhisker/Medicine Cat/Acquaintance/65%
"I've only met him in gatherings, yet I truly admire his craft. I can only say that WindClan has gotten a respectable Medicine Cat in their paws."

Unnamed Rogue/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Rogue/Enemy/0%
"I hate you for what you did to my father- you monster. May the Dark Forest be your placement of anguish."
Russettail (UNKNOWN)/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Kittypet/Mentor/95%
Dovesong merely glances away from you. The topic of Russettail seems to make her uncomfortable.
Cedarbark (UNKNOWN)/⦁⦁/Kittypet/Childhood Friend/80%
She nervously blinks."H-He was a good friend. That's all I'm saying about him- W-What?! No I didn't!"


  • Dovesong, from time to time, talks to herself when she needs an easy sleep, although she's really communicating as if her family were still alive.
  • When an apprentice is newly made, no matter for which rank it may be, Dovesong will bring them a flower to put behind their ear as a congratulations in proceeding thus far.


Daddy, it's okay if I don't have a leg. I can still move okay!

Dovekit to Snowpelt when he feels guilty on her missing leg

Look at yourselves! You should be ashamed to quarrel under StarClan's domain!

Dovesong at the arguing Medicine Cats and apprentices in the Mooncave