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Chapter 1 Is Here!


(Art by NohrianKitsune)

Chapter 1 has officially begun!

The Story So Far...

The medicine cats are planning on gathering at the Mooncave after being called by StarClan. They arrive, only to discover the opposite of what they could have ever expected. StarClan is gone. The secret was held for only some time. A ThunderClan cat by the name of Nightrunner took the foret by surprise by exposing the secret of StarClan's absence. Now the forest holds plenty of tensions with no beacon to call to.

Soon the tensions break. ThunderClan and WindClan break into RiverClan's territroy and raid fish. Resorting in all kinds of anger, RiverClan strikes back with a new formed alliance with ShdowClan. This battle resorts in the return of StarClan. It turns out, StarClan's disappearance was only a test. A test that the clans failed.