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Bluestar to Rusty

Fuzzyfeather is a well fed grey and white tabby she cat. Fuzzyfeather wears a blue collar. She is an American Shorthair with light lime green eyes. She can often be short tempered and a bit of a show off. Fuzzyfeather is currently a daylight warrior of SkyClan.


Heritage: American Shorthair

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Voice: Fuzzyfeather talks in a girly yet authoritative voice.

Scent: The stink of twolegplace clings to her pelt along with mixed scents of Skyclan.

Gait: Fuzzyfeather walks proudly with long strides.



  •  +  Brave - Fuzzyfeather isn't one to shy away from a challenge.
  •  +  Loyal - Fuzzyfeather does her best to be loyal to Skyclan...even if she is only a daylight warrior.
  •  ±  Energetic - Fuzzyfeather is full of energy.
  •  ±  Talkative- Fuzzyfeather enjoys talking to others.
  •    Short Tempered - When Fuzzyfeather gets mad she has quite the temper.
  •    Show Off - Fuzzyfeather can often be a show off and come off as annoying.


  • Climbing
    • Fuzzyfeather likes to show off and hunt in the trees.


  • Rain
    • Fuzzyfeather can't stand the thought of water clinging to her pelt.


  • Earn Skyclan's respect
    • Fuzzyfeather wants to show there's more to her than being a kittypet.


  • Seeming weak
    • Fuzzyfeather wants to be known as a strong powerful cat, yet that can be hard with kittypet origins.



Clan: Kittypet
Cats Involved: Ike, Snowflake
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Fuzzyfeather is born and given the name Fluffy.
  • Fluffy is told stories of wildcats.

Daylight Warriorhood

Clan: Skyclan
Cats Involved: Sugarbee, Mothflutter
Age Range: 25-?? moons

  • Fuzzyfeather walks into camp for the first time, the clan scoffs at her collar.
  • Fuzzyfeather meets a RC warrior for the first time at the border.
  • Fuzzyfeather meets Softpaw for the first time.
  • Fuzzyfeather finds Silentpaw and Mothflutter in Skyclan territory.
  • Fuzzyfeather tries to help defend Mothflutter.

Kittypet Life

Clan: Twolegplace
Cats Involved: Snowflake, Ike
Age Range: 0-25 moons

  • Fuzzyfeather (aka Fluffy) is born.
  • Fuzzyfeater hears about the clan cats.



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Fuzzyfeather has not met any Thunderclan cats.

Fuzzyfeather has not met any Windclan cats.

Fuzzyfeather has not met any Shadowclan cats.

Mothflutter/Warrior/Annoyed by//15%
"Mothflutter pretends to be 'nice' around me, but I can tell they don't like me."
(Fuzzyfeather looks annoyed) Just because I'm half kittypet doesn't mean he's any better than me.

"I never knew a cat could have so much energy."
(Fuzzyfeather is smiling) I'm just glad someone will finally talk to me.
"Eh, she's a good cat."
(Fuzzyfeather almost looks confused) Why does she keep calling me ma'am?
"I hate him so much. What gives him the right to act the way he does?"
(Fuzzyfeather is scowling) Someday he'll be taken care of.

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  • Fuzzyfeather was born a kittypet.
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Maybe they're all just afraid of being shown up by a kittypet.


Now no one even acknowledges me...


Goodbye Skyclan.