These are a list of events that are scheduled to occur in Highrisers or events that have happened in Highriser's past.

Previous News

  • Highrisers Release - (2/24/18) Highrisers is officially in its Beta stage!
  • Chapter 1 Begins - (2/24/18) Highrisers begins its first Chapter!
  • Chapter 1 ends - (3/20/18) The end of Chapter 1.
  • Chapter 2 begins - (3/23/18) Highrisers begins its second Chapter!
  • When Gorgeleap, the WindClan deputy leaves after believing she is a danger to her clan, Stagstar has Halfwolf take her place. (4/01/18)
  • Chapter 2 ends - (4/4/18) Chapter 2 is concluded.
  • 4th OCs announced - (4/23/18) A nice development.
  • Finchcreek on a herb scouting trip is killed by a fire and WindClan is left without a medicine cat. They blame ShadowClan, for the fire started on their border.
  • When both Stormstar and Littlelight leave to go their separate ways, they both decide for Nightrunner to take their place. After being denied lives, the tom keeps his name yet stays as Leader. He has yet to promote a deputy. (5/07/18)
  • Aldertalon, ShadowClan's deputy gets into a freak accident during a hunting trip and dies, quickly being replaced by Flickerheart. (5/07/18)
  • Drizzlestar mysteriously disappears, and Owlstar remorsefully takes his place. Ashblossom is promoted as deputy. (5/08/18)
  • WindClan and ThunderClan clash as ThunderClan invades their camp. (6/11/18)
  • Paleheart becomes RiverClan's new deputy. (?)
  • Cloverdapple, WindClan's deputy, passes away. (?)
  • ThunderClan and WindClan fight head-on as ThunderClan raids their camp.
  • Stagstar, WindClan's leader, leaves the Clan after Cloverdapple's death. (?)
  • Kestrelstar is chosen to be WindClan's next leader. (10/15/2018)

Upcoming Events

  • Gatherings! - (11/16/18) The Clans are having a gathering this Friday at 6:00 PM CST!
  • Halfmoon Gatherings! - (11/23/18) The Medicine Cats are having a half-moon gathering next Friday at 6:00 PM CST!