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The Skillful and Equable

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RiverClan cats typically come in slate blues and grays, but because of their open breeding pool, many pelt variations appear. Generally, RiverClan cats have long coats, and cats with short hair are considered forbidden because of the unlikeliness that they will be able to cope with swimming in the cold river during leaf-bare. Common traits are as follows:

  • Webbed Paws
  • Hooked Claws
  • Long coats
  • Blue/gray coats or light-colored coats
  • Blue, amber, hazel eyes are common

While not every cat has these traits, it is fairly common for most RiverClanners to carry those traits. However, in the breeding pool RiverClan allows their she-cats and toms to do as they please, as long as they donโ€™t run into the following:

  • Dark coats (blacks, dark browns)
  • Short-haired coats
  • Bulky frames

In the breeding pool, they search for cats with the following traits:

  • Polydactyl cats for swimming/fishing abilities
  • Long-haired coats for swimming/fishing
  • Big-pawed cats
  • Beautiful cats


RiverClan cats believe in peace before all else. It is rare that RiverClan cats will resort to battle before solving an issue unless it has something to do with their traditions, folklore or history with another Clan. (For example, RiverClan and ThunderClan have always had disputes between them because of Sunningrocks- it is likely that if a ThunderClan cat said anything that insulted RiverClan, they may resort to battle quicker than they would than if ShadowClan said something to them.)

On the other hand, RiverClan cats can sometimes be seen as snobby or slightly rude because they don't go through the same troubles as the Clans did, especially when the other four Clans went through the famine and RiverClan did not suffer. Instead, RiverClan had tagged along, and this makes them seem likeย freeloaders.
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