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The Skillful and Equable

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  • RiverClan territory consists of rough grassland and multiple rivers which branch out and form an island in the center of their territory, where their camp is located. There are a few trees here and there, and the riverbeds are typically lined with reeds and thick grass. The water of the rivers is somewhat clear, but definitely not pure drinking water-- murky enough as to where lilypads and river lilies float above the current in some areas where the river condenses. In larger parts of the river the current is rapid and dangerous, and the water can be quite deep.

Stepping Stones

  • In order to cross the river surrounding the camp, there are multiple sets of stepping stones and logs that RiverClan cats use to cross into other sections of their territory. Often times these are rocks that poke above the line of the riverโ€™s water, or a log that has fallen across a slim area of the river.

Sacred Waterfall

  • RiverClanโ€™s burial grounds are unique to their territory and their traditions. A distance away from camp near the ThunderClan border where the river spans out, there is a medium-sized waterfall which pools into a small area of the river. Over many generations RiverClan cats have paid tribute to their fallen Clanmates by releasing their spirits onto the river (in other words, letting the deceased cat be carried away by the riverโ€™s current). Behind the waterfall there is an area where RiverClan cats enter and place tributes to their clanmates, such as beautiful things (see traditions for more information) and use shiny pebbles and rocks to represent each of their deceased clanmates. It is a sacred place to RiverClan cats, and it is checked daily on patrols.