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The Wily and Proud

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Clan Overview

ShadowClan is a tight knit community. All cats in the Clan, even if not biological family, are regarded as such. Cats may have stronger bonds with some more than others, but they are expected to be respectful and friendly in the least.

The downside of such a strong community is that secrets never stay secrets for long. Word spreads like a wildfire, and although unsaid, it's widely assumed that a private life cannot be had at all within the confines of the territory.

ShadowClan cats are also generally quite proud felines. They take any insults to their Clan or family to heart, and it can be assured that they’ll never forget. Squabbles between ShadowClanners aren’t unheard of, but the arguments are usually quickly silenced by the others around them. This results in the offenders either stewing silently in their anger until it dissolves, or harboring a simmering hatred for their opposition.

ShadowClan prides themselves on their strength, both physical and mental, and their survival skills. They are known to be able to survive in the toughest of conditions, and can learn to adapt to different situations with the right training.