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The Wily and Proud

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ShadowClan territory is usually very boggy with many varieties of wetland flora blooming during the warmer seasons. During the colder seasons, however, the marshes freeze up, making the ground stronger underfoot and sending a perpetual chill through the air. Watery areas are uncommon, but can be found near the base of the mountain.

Burial Field


Leaning Pine

The Leaning Pine is an arching pine tree in ShadowClan territory. It is said that when a foolish cat tried to reach the heavens by climbing up its trunk, StarClan struck it down as a lesson to the cats below. It is often avoided by ShadowClanners in fear of upsetting the celestial cats above. It’s commonly used in directions, though (ex: up to the leaning pine then hook a left, etc.).

Murky Meadow

Murky Meadow is an area near the northwest corner of ShadowClan territory, near the SkyClan border. It is a large area packed with intertwining trees and thick fog.