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The Agile and Determined

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The average SkyClan cat is brown, black or grey in color, and a tabby, bicolor or both; this combination makes camouflage in the thick jungle-like forest territory much easier than any other pelt type. Pale and/or fiery colors typically come from outsiders, and are discouraged for stealth reasons.

Their builds are light-weight and lean, and they tend to be about average-sized, sometimes smaller.

Their fur is typically very soft and well-kept, regardless of length and texture. There is usually an even mix of long-haired and short-haired cats, and if not then short-hairs make up the norm.

SkyClan eyes are very gentle, cool colors; the most common eye color is green, followed by blue, hazel, and soft honey yellow. Amber, orange, and copper are uncommon and typically come from outsiders. Indigo is also present, and supposedly comes from Branchstar's direct descendants.

SkyClanners have a higher probability of extra toes (polydactyly), curly fur and bobbed tails than the other Clans.

They also have tough, dark grey pawpads and black, grey or brick red noses.


In SkyClan's impromptu revival during Generation II, there was a very obvious divide between the two โ€œfactionsโ€ of the Clan: the traditionalists and the reformers. The two sides were constantly headlock on all issues they care about, with the traditionalists being much more aggressive about their opinions within the Clan, and the reformers being much more open about preaching it to the other โ€œintolerantโ€ Clans. Because of their existence, the SkyClan leader (and often by extension the deputy and medicine cats) are in a constant role as mediator between the sides and were always try to find a compromise so both are satisfied whenever they get into a big argument.

During Owlstar's leadership, she saw how much hate and distrust occurred during the two political parties. She declared that there would no more be any divisions between politics or no one could longer identity as a traditionalist or reformer.

Now currently in Noonstar's reign of SkyClan, SkyClan cats are naturally be open-minded and peaceful but highly respectful individuals; and as a group, they are agreeable when possible, and surprisingly fierce and efficient when not. The best of SkyClan's warriors are very hard to anger, but when it does happen, the instigator regrets it later.