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The Agile and Determined

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In modern SkyClan culture, there is a very obvious divide between the two “factions” of the Clan: the traditionalists and the reformers(?). The two sides are in a constant headlock on all issues they care about, with the traditionalists being much more aggressive about their opinions within the Clan, and the reformers being much more open about preaching it to the other “intolerant” Clans. Because of their existence, the SkyClan leader (and by extension his/her deputy and council) are in a constant role as mediator between the sides and must always try to find a compromise so both are satisfied whenever they get into a big argument.

  • Traditionalists are cats who strongly believe in the tradition of the Clans. They cling to the original Warrior Code and follow it verbatim whenever they can, and they scoff at their Clanmates who attempt to bend and stretch it to accommodate for their visitors. Traditionalists tend to think of the “breeding pool” and new amendments to the Code as “bastardizing mating” and “ruining the sanctity of being mates”. Traditionalists tend to get along better with cats from ShadowClan and WindClan.
  • Reformers are much more relaxed when it comes to the Warrior Code, and believe moreso in the “law of the heart” than the age-old customs of generations past to guide their lives. They greatly support the idea of “free mating”, including the introduction of the breeding pool and the reintroduction of allowing visitors from outside the Clan (kittypets, rogues and loners). They also tend to be open-minded to new ideas in general, especially if they grant new freedoms to the Clans or the cats within them, and can even be quite vocal about convincing others to believe the same (to the great dismay of more respectful traditionalists). Reformers get along best with ThunderClan and RiverClan.

SkyClan in general have a very unique relationship with the weather; any native SkyClanner could tell you when the next rainstorm would be coming, from what direction, and even how long it’d last based on how achey their joints are or how the breeze smells, and for an experienced warrior even weeks before they arrive (as mentioned prior). This talent is typically accredited to a fictional being known as Rainypaws.