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The Agile and Determined

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Traditionalists vs Reformers

Paws Off: Privacy, Independence & Cliques in SkyClan

Canopping & Molepaws

Naming Conventions & Significance






Decoration & Trinkets

War Paint - During wartimes, SkyClan will sometimes use the juice of elderberries to give themselves black "masks" and other painted markings, to supposedly improve stealth, speed, strength and other things before an important battle.

Feathers - For SkyClanners with an eye for beauty, feathers from successful catches are often tucked behind the ears or woven into the fur to give it an extra flair of color. SkyClan also makes (very ticklish) fans and dusting brushes using feathers during summertime, using vine tendrils to tie them together into a bundle or arrangement. During Whitestar's reign and the early part of Dawnstar's, feathers were often arranged into crests for ceremonial purposes, but that has since been abandoned. The collection and use of feathers has decreased greatly since Rockystar's death, but a revival is in the works.

Folk Tales & Legends



Funeral Traditions


Recreational Activities

Hide and Seek