Sprucepaw to everyone

Sprucepaw is a very dark brown tabby tom with white splotches all over his body and orange eyes. He is missing a toe on his back right foot and has six toes on his back left foot. He also has a slightly shorter tail than most, causing his balance to be off.


Heritage: Chartreux(Both parents were chartreux)

Description: Sprucepaw is a lean, muscular tom with small, scattered dots all over his body. He has tattered ears and a half-length tail, both due to an accident that happened earlier in his kithood. He also has a small scar on his right hind leg.


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Voice: Phillip Schylur, Hamilton Musical

Scent: He usually smells like pine nettles and maple sap

Gait: Sprucepaw walks like he has stilts with crocs on, stupidly and un-balanced.



  •  +  Helpful - Sprucepaw is always willing to lend a helping paw, whether it be with kits, herb sorting or just about anything!
  •  +  Determined - Sprucepaw is determined to be the best warrior he can be, while still having a childhood, of course.
  •  ±  Clingy - Sprucepaw tends to be clingy to most of his friends,which can be annoying to those who dont really like him.
  •  ±  Anti-Social - Sprucepaw never really likes talking to people, especially if he doesnt know them.
  •    Rude - Sprucepaw tends to get snappy and tempered if things get too heated with friends or mentor.
  •    Negative Trait 2 - Description of trait


  • Climbing
    • "Nothing beats a nice day of climbing up a tree so I can touch the stars!"
  • Butterflies
    • "Their wings fascinate me. How are they so many colors at once?"
  • Shrews
    • "They're my favorite prey! Their noses are so cute to me."


  • Fish
    • He gags "Fish are so oily and scaly. How does RiverClan eat them?"


  • Becoming Senior Warrior
    • Sprucepaw dreams of making his mother proud, wherever she may be and he feels becoming Senior Warrior is the best way to do so
  • Getting a mate
    • Sprucepaw wants to spend his warriorhood with that special someone, whoever it may be.


  • Death
    • He whimpers in fear Spruce doesn't like the fact that someday he will die.



Clan: RiverClan (for less than a day), SkyClan,
Cats Involved: Missingtoe, Jaggedpeak
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Sprucekit was born in RiverClan to Missingtoe, claiming she had an affair with a kittypet
  • Jaggedpeak takes Sprucekit to SkyClan, soon leaving Sprucekits life and SkyClan after not becoming deputy.


Clan: SkyClan
Cats Involved: Meadowlight, Saltpaw, Pepperpaw, Bumblepaw
Age Range: 6-?? moons

  • Sprucepaw earns his apprentice name, starting his training with Meadowlight soon after.
  • Spruce meets Pepperpaw, the friendly she-cat with an insane brother, Saltpaw
  • Sprucepaw goes through emotion swings, sleeping most of the day and losing friends


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He shrugs, not caring about the clan much

He gives no emotion. Hard to tell if he hates them or loves them

He growled slightly. The mention of the clan made him uncomfortable.

"What have I done...."
Sprucepaw begins to sniffle, singling he was about to cry.
"She didn't bother trying to train with me."
Sprucepaws eyes narrowed,
Saltpaw/Apprentice/Friends brother/⦁⦁
"He's an idiot. Taking a kit and bolting out of camp? What was he even gonna do with him? God, the thought..."
Sprucepaw seems to be heated, like a kettle about to explode.
"Pepperpaw hates him and I understand why but...Whats wrong with being friends with someone?"
Sprucepaw acted like he was hiding something, turning away

He shrugs again