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General Information

Physical Attributes: Thunderclanners tend to have lighter pelt colors, such as light browns or creams. However, you can occasionally spot cats with darker shades of browns/blacks as well. Tabby patterns and thick fur are also quite common among them. Thunderclanners also appear very well-built and burly, adjusted to the prickly undergrowth they commonly hunt in.

Mental Attributes: Thunderclanners are incredibly hostile towards others not apart of their clan, being quick to plan out detrimental raids or aggressively lash-out when threatened. They are still very stubborn and aren't ones to change their controversial ways. Despite this, they are very brave in battle, using fierce techniques to easily overpower their foes, and are extremely loyal to their allies and the cats that they love.


Preferred Prey: Mice, voles, squirrels, and birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, and thrushes.

Hunting Specialties: Excellent stalking techniques. They keep upwind of their prey, creeping across the forest floor unseen and unheard. They use the secrecy of the undergrowth to their advantage when hunting or attacking.

Territory: ThunderClan's territory is closest to the bottom of the mountain, bordering just below RiverClan. Their territory's claim to fame is the labyrinth-like design to it, hosting many towering trees and dense undergrowth that covers every nook and cranny of the land. It's very easy for cats not native to Thunderclan to get lost in such a forest.

(See ThunderClan's territory for more information).

Camp: Unless you know Thunderclan's territory by heart, it's practically impossible to find Thunderclan's camp in their labyrinth of a territory. The camp itself is very small and well-hidden. The Highrock, or Hightree, is a massive Oak tree that has fallen over across the camp- the Leader's den being right inside it, in a hallowed section of the tree. The rest of the dens are nestled into small abandoned badger burrows that are lined with leaves and moss. A bramble thicket surrounds the entirety of the camp, protecting those inside from unwanted outsiders. Behind the Hightree lies a secret escape burrow.

(See Thunderclan's camp and traditions + lore for more information).



  • Nightstar - A monstrous white and black tom with bright orange eyes with grisly scars.


  • Sparkbite- A heavily-scarred black-and-white tom with long legs and red, bloodshot eyes.
    • Eclipsepaw- A short furred blue and grey tom with red eyes. He has a crescent moon shape on his chest.

Medicine Cats

  • Creamspots- A small, fluffy she-cat with light brown and light yellow splotches and yellow eyes.
  • Orbweaver- A long legged, dark ginger tabby she-cat with dark green eyes. Her left hind leg's paw doesn't work properly.
    • Geckopaw- A brown and white tabby with green eyes.

Senior Warriors

  • Cloudshade- A white tom with grey spots and orange eyes.
    • Butterflypaw- A large calico molly with bright amber eyes.
  • Daywalker- A white shecat with black markings and a plethora of scars.
  • Snailshine- A small white tom with light cream tabby markings.
  • Vulturecry- A black tom with a white stripe going down his face.
  • Warblersnow- A tall grey tom with spots and golden eyes.
    • Frostypaw- A thin, gray-pointed tom with orange eyes.
  • Wildflame- A small mottled brown and white tomcat with amber eyes.
    • Brightpaw- A smaller-than-average white tom with orange patches and severe burn scars.


  • Argentwater- A sleek brown and cream tom with blue eyes and an unusually long tail.
  • Blizzardpoppy- A tricolor she-cat with amber eyes.
  • Bristlecone- An unusually large, messy, thick-furred red and brown tortishell she-cat, with long, sharp claws and a fiery orange-red glare.
  • Carnationbee- A brown and cream shecat with green eyes.
    • Tytopaw- A short black and white molly with grey-blue eyes.
  • Chipmunkcheeks- A plump, brown cat with two dark brown stripes down their back and round gold eyes.
    • Ospreypaw- A handsome tan- brown tom with darker brown markings and bright green eyes.
  • Flarebite- A light muddy brown tom with golden yellow eyes.
  • Hailstorm- A lilac siamese molly with light-blue eyes and a grey heart on her chest.
    • Lunapaw- A tall tom with purple-grey fur, a white underbelly and blue eyes. He has darker purple and navy markings.
  • Heathersun-A long-furred ginger molly with a lighter chest and blue eyes.
    • Stormypaw- A buff blue tabby she-cat with amber eyes.
  • Henstrike- A small, rotund torbie molly with an untidy pelt and pale green eyes.
  • Leafsneeze- A tall, thin white tom with brown spots and large, brown ears.
  • Magnoliathorn- A muscular white molly with peach/orange markings and dark green eyes.
    • Curlypaw- A small, thin brown-and-white tom with orange-and-blue heterochromatic eyes.
  • Rattleblaze- A dark brown-russet tom with tortoiseshell markings and sharp grey eyes.
    • Monarchpaw- A calico shecat with bright green eyes.
  • Silkrose- A stocky, pinkish cream shecat with a white underbelly, black dapples, and teal eyes.
  • Squirrelscramble- A tall white tom with ginger-brown markings and odd green-blue eyes.


  • Jasperfallow- A plump, orange, bobtailed she-cat with yellow-green eyes.


  • Blazingkit- A white tom with ginger spots on his tail, ears, face and paws along with bright yellow eyes. Two scars go along his shoulders.
  • Ivykit- A large solid white shekit with green eyes.


RiverClan Enemy
WindClan Enemy
ShadowClan Neutral
SkyClan Ally
Outsiders Must spar a current member of TC to show they can hold their own within the clan before joining.. If they're unsuccessful, they're chased off.
ThunderClan/Overview, ThunderClan/Characteristics, ThunderClan/Traditions & Lore, ThunderClan/History, ThunderClan/Territory, and ThunderClan/Territory/Camp.

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