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The Fierce and Brave

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1st gen

Runningstar, Fleetingstep

During Runningstar’s leadership, the famine didn't seem to strike ThunderClan that hard at first. However, their situation gradually kept getting worse, eventually leaving the clan in just as much of a devastated state as the others. During the famine, ThunderClan’s deputy, Fleetingstep, suddenly passed away due to said famine. Runningstar was quick to appoint a new deputy, Deerspots. ThunderClan was left with no other choice but to leave the lake territory along with the other clans. Runningstar lost multiple lives, though held on with one last life during the journey to the clans’ new territory.

2nd gen

Deerstar, Stormstrike, Hazelshine

Shortly after the clans’ arrival in their new territory, Runningstar unexpectedly goes missing, and is soon found dead on the outskirts of the territory by a Riverclan patrol. Deerspots was next in line to step up, however, an issue became apparent. The clans no longer had a way to communicate with StarClan and have new leaders receive their nine lives in this new territory. Deerspots was out of choices and went to consult with the current medicine cat, Hazelshine. They had argued quietly through the night, though they were finally able to make a decision. Deerspots did not want to seem weak in front of her clan, leading her to the decision of faking her nine lives. The next night, Deerspots and Hazelshine would wander away from ThunderClan territory and return the next morning, as if they were at the Moonstone/Moonpool the entire night.

3rd gen

Stormstar, Littlelight, Nightrunner

After Deerstar loses her life, the young deputy Stormstrike finally steps up as leader, and is the first ThunderClan leader to officially receive 9 lives on the new territory. Stormstar appoints Littlelight, a promising skilled warrior, as his deputy. Littlelight seemed reluctant, however Stormstar guessed that she'd adapt to her new rank in time. Under the leadership of Stormstar, ThunderClan becomes more open minded to new ideas and traditions. The clan also grows a massive fascination with the stars and Silverpelt, becoming dedicated to forming new traditions involving them. The idea of a map of Silverpelt is brought up, and Stormstar accepts the idea without hesitation. ThunderClan uses this map to keep track of the stars that appear once a cat reaches StarClan.

4th gen

Nightrunner, Sparkbite

Stormstar and Littlelight, too stressed out with clan life, decide to leave Thunderclan and live together as loners. Nightrunner is left to lead the clan all on his own. He is a rather unorthodox leader; due to his vendetta against Starclan and the fact he has not received nine lives. With Nightrunner leading, Thunderclan overall becomes a much more hostile clan- easily becoming the most feared in the forest. Nightrunner controversially appoints former Riverclan Medicine Cat, Sparkbite, as his Deputy.