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The Fierce and Brave

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ThunderClan's territory is closest to the bottom of the mountain, bordering just below RiverClan. Their territory is a forest, and is the driest of the three available. However, its trees are either too small or too smooth to climb. There is a heavy surplus of undergrowth such as bushes, shrubs, ferns in thick patches throughout the territory, turning it into a maze of shelter that can be very easy to get lost in if you don't know your way around.

Mossy Tree

One of the tallest trees in Thunderclan's territory, it is prized for being a great training area for Apprentices and for being a plentiful source of prey (birds, eggs). However, this tree is overgrown in moss, hence it's name. This moss makes it easier for cats to climb the tree and is used by the Medicine cats.

Map Of Silverpelt

Thunderclan keeps their sacred map of Silverpelt here. This map is highly protected, being surrounded by a maze of bramble thickets an undergrowth, making it hard to navigate around. Thunderclan keeps the location of this map very secretive, only a certain few know where this map is and even less are allowed to go near it.

"Log Crossings"

A system of fallen trees that act as bridges in Thunderclan's territory, they help Thunderclanner's cross the various rivers that cut through their territory. They're fairly stable, for now, at least.Twoleg Place


Scorpion Stones