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The Swift and Loyal

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  • Windclan is a rocky moor-like steppe with tall grass almost everywhere. There are little trees, and much more large bushes and wildflowers to make up for it. It is the driest of regions, but ponds can be found around the territory.

The Tunnels

  • Though mostly used for the medicine cats as an alternate way to get to the burial grounds, regular warriors are able to create new tunnels for hunting, and even travel somewhat into the medic’s tunnels. If a clan were to find out the tunnel’s routes, there could be a disaster.

The Great Tree

  • Near Shadowclan’s border, there is a grand tree that has that branches stretch into both Shadowclan’s and Windclan’s territories. Hunting on this tree is mostly recommended for both clans, for it could cause turmoil. However, if you’re really sneaky, you could probably snag a bird.

Burial Grounds

Taken from “WindClan/Traditions & Lore”

  • Sealed in a limestone cave with a maze leading to their burial grounds at the end. Medicine Cats oftentimes go there to meditate and perform seances of sorts and usually bring wheat or moor plants with them to remind the spirits of their home. Though they aren’t the most spiritual, they do have the utmost respect for their dead. Anyone that isn’t a medicine cat is forbidden from going into the cave unless there has been a recent death. Bodies are disposed of by taking them to the end of the maze and placing them down by a large patch of different vegetation and wildflowers, which medicine cats also sometimes tend to. They will decompose and therefore become fertilizer for the plants, which are given sunlight through a few cracks in the ceilings which cannot be found yet anywhere on WindClan territory, the sunlight is said to come from the first warriors of WindClan who are focusing all their light to guide the spirits up to StarClan.

The Twoleg’s Water-Giver (AKA The Well)

  • To signify the border to the twoleg place, a convenient twoleg structure is placed. No cat is really sure what it is, and originally it was thought this odd place would be another way to contact Starclan. This has been confirmed untrue, though, for, after one try, the medicine cat had to be hoisted up by the twoleg at dawn, along with the water he usually takes out with a weird trap for the water. Cats can observe this structure and peek around to see what it is, but the causes of falling in and getting caught by the twoleg is high. What’s really perplexing is that the twoleg believes he needs a trap to catch the water.